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Meet the Staff of Ray's Ford, Inc.

Brennan Tuohy - Sales Consultant

270-312-7811 - BrennanTuohy@gmail.com

Raymond Cottrell, Sr. - Founder of Ray's Ford

270-422-4901 - raysford@bbtel.com

Greetings and welcome to the online showroom for Ray's Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram located in Brandnburg, Kentucky. I started this business in 1979 with three main ideals that are as true today as they were back then, (1) "Treat everyone as part of my family", (2) "Represent The Best Product Available", and (3) "Strive For Perfection In all Aspects of the business to acheive the maximum level of Customer Satisfaction". I invite you to "Click" through our inventory and contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule a test drive. Ray's is a full service dealership and we've been fortunate to have had the oportunity to serve your automotive needs for the past 32 years and look forward to many more to come. My door is always open and I am here most hours that we are open so please feel free to stop by and see me when your at Ray's. Thank you for visiting our website and I look forward to meeting you in person.

Kit Kat - Dealership Mascot

270-422-4901 - raysford@bbtel.com

Kit Kat showed up at the dealership steps a few years ago. She was skinny, hair matted and very malnourished. Ray and our entire family here at Ray's took her in with arms open. Everyone quickly fell in love with her and her sweet disposition. She has full run of the dealership and visits all employees throughout the day. Most customers who visit the dealership quickly find themselves attracted to this beautiful animal. Kit Kat has a home here for life now and repeat customers are often found looking for her when they come to Ray's. She enjoys her morning walks on a leash and her special diet of deli turkey heated for 15 seconds in the microwave. Come by and meet this incredible cat.

Ray Cottrell, Jr. - General Manager/Dealer Principal

270-422-4901 - raysford@bbtel.com

Welcome and thank you for visiting our site. We are a very family oriented dealership. The community is only as good as its members, we pride ourselves in community involvement weather it be bagging groceries for local charities or volunteering at the schools. We purchase all supplies within our community and understand the importance of keeping money in our local economy. I have been involved with the family business since its inception. I have worked in each and every department starting in the clean up shop and becoming a Ford Certified Mechanic, Parts Manager, Service and Body Shop Manager. I am a graduate of Northwood University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Automobile Marketing and Management. I am a proud father of five children and two grandchildren which are all part of our community. I am currently serving as a mentor at the Meade County High School. I am Director of the Meade County Area Chamber of Commerce and hold memberships in F.O.P. Lodge 67, Moose Lodge 1177, AUSA Fort Knox Chapter, NADA, AARP and Ducks Unlimited. I invite you to stop by and let's have a cup of coffee.

Terry Mitchell - New & Used General Sales Manager

270-422-4901 - terrylmitchell@hotmail.com

Terry is Factory Certified as a Ford Master Sales Manager. Hi, my name is Terry Mitchell, I was born and raised in Meade County and graduated from Meade County High School in 1975. I then attended Eastern Kntucky University 1975-1979, with a major in Police Administration. I started in the car business with Ray Cottrell, Sr. in April of 1980 through the present. I would like to have the opportunity to use my many years of experience in helping you with the purchase of your next vehicle. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Bruce Fitzgerald - Financial Services Manager

270-422-4901 - bruce350@bbtel.com

Bruce started working for the dealership back in 1983, first as a sales consultant, then as parts manager, and since 1990 has been the financial services manager. Over the past several years, Bruce has established good relationships with a number of lenders that have enabled him to obtain competitive financing for all levels of credit ratings. To include Good Credit, Moderate Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit and First Time Buyers. He grew up in Meade County, attended school here, and has been happily married for the past 25 years to Katrina. They have two children, Alex and Natalie. All are involved in local activities throughout the area. Bruce is Master Certified through Ford Motor Company as a Financial Services Manager, and maintains his certification through continuing education on the laws, rules and regulations concerning the process of handling customer’s financial and personal information.

Christopher Cottrell (Chris) - Sales Manager

270-422-4901 - cottrell_christopher@hotmail.com

Chris is Factory Master Certified and recently promoted to Sales Manager. Hi, I'm Chris Cottrell and have lived in the Meade County area my whole life. I graduated from Meade County High School in 1997. I have pretty much grown up at Ray's Ford as I have worked here since I was 12 years old. Like my father, I started working detailing cars. I have worked in numerous positions and departments throughout the dealership. I currently work as a Sales Consultant and have been in this position for the past 10 years. I try to constantly learn everything I can about the new products as they come out as I think it is my responsibility to show each and every customer all features and options available on every vehicle. That way they can make an informed decision when buying a car from me. I try and stay involved in the local community as I volunteer for a variety of non-profit organizations. I have also previously served as a Magistrate here in Meade County. Please feel free to call me at any time at the dealership, (270) 422-4901 or my cell (270) 668-3771.

Jeff Hanger - Sales Consultant

270-422-4901 - raysford@bbtel.com

Jeff is Factory Certified as a Ford Master Sales Consultant and Chrysler Certified. My name is Jeff Hanger. I grew up in Southern Indiana and still live there today. I have 25 years experience in a family owned and operated John Deere Dealership and 10 years previous experience in the automobile business. I joined the team here at Ray's in 2006 and pride myself as being customer focused. I truly believe that the sale is just part of the overall owner experience and I intend to continue providing excellent service during your entire ownership. Please feel free to contact me anytime at the dealership, (270) 422-4901 or my cell is (812) 613-9000.

Joetta Allen - Sales Consultant

270-422-4901 - raysford@bbtel.com

Hi, I’m Joetta Allen And I Am Proud To Be Part Of Ray’s Dynamic Sales Staff. I Grew Up In Louisville And Graduated From Valley High School With Honors And Was Also A Member Of The Governor Scholars Program In 2006. Since Graduating From High School I have Worked In Customer Service For The Past 11 Years. In March Of 2015 My Husband And I Purchased Our First House And Now Call Breckinridge County Home. We Are Proud Parents Of 5 Wonderful Children Who Are Our World. I Invite Everyone To Stop By And Let Me Assist You With Your Automotive Needs. Please Feel Free To Contact Me At The Dealership, (270) 422-4901.

J.R. Howard - Parts Manager

270-422-4901 - raysford@bbtel.com

J.R. is Factory Certified as a Ford Master Parts Manager and a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram Master Parts Manager. Hi, I'm J.R. Howard and I'm the Parts Advisor here at Ray's. I've been a member of the Ray's family since 1996. I started working in the Detail Shop until moving into my present position. I love what I do and especially like helping people. I am married to my beautiful wife Amy of 13 years and we have a little angel in our lives, our daughter, Allie. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Charles Howell (Charlie) - Service Advisor

270-422-4901 - raysford@bbtel.com

Charle is Factory Certified as a Ford Master Service Advisor and a Certified Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram Service Advisor. My name is Charlie Howell and I graduated from Meade County High School in 1997. I began working full time here at Ray's in 1998 where I started working in the Detail Shop. I have also worked as a Parts Specialist until my most last promotion to my current position as Service Advisor. My main goal as your Service Advisor, is to make your visit to our Service Department a great experience. Whether its an oil change, warranty work or a major repair, please feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns.

Harley Jupin - Service Manager

270-422-4901 - raysford@bbtel.com

Harley is Factory Master Certified as a Ford Service Manager and Chrysler Certified Technician. He is a graduate of the Nascar Technical Institute. Harley is ASE Certified. Hi, I'm Harley and I have lived and grown up in Meade County all my life. I graduated from Meade County High School in 2004. While in High School my studies included Automotive Technologies in the Meade County Area Technology Center. I joined the staff here at Ray's as a Service Technician in 2007. I enjoy woking in this field and find helping people with their automotive concerns a rewarding experience. I take pride in my work and treat all automobiles as I would want mine cared for. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Jason Bradley (Porker) - Ford Service Technician

270-422-4901 - raysford@bbtel.com

Porker is Factory Certified as a Service Technician. Hi, I'm Porker and I have lived my whole life here in Meade County. I graduated from Meade County High School in 2002. While in High School I participated in the Automotive Youth Education Program and was a Co-Op here at Ray's. I have been facinated with automobiles pretty much my whole life. I started working here at Ray's as a Co-Op student during my Senior Year Of High School in 2001. Upon graduation I was lucky enough to be offered a position as a Service Technician here at Ray's. I believe strongly in customer satisfaction and believe that by taking pride in all my work, and striving to do my best in all repairs, that our customers will enjoy their automotive ownership experience. Please feel free to call or stop by any time.

Jon Skipworth (Skipie) - Chrysler Service Technician

270-422-4901 - raysford@bbtel.com

Hi, I'm Skipie and I have lived in Meade County since I was 3 years old as my family moved here from Louisville. I graduated from Meade County High School in 2010. While in High School I participated in the Automotive Youth Education Program and was a Co-Op here at Ray's during my Senior Year of High School in 2009. Upon Graduation in 2010 I started working here full time as an Oil Change and Tire Technician. I enjoy my work here and plan to continue my education and certifications with Ford and Chrysler. I take pride in my work and strive for perfection in all that I do. Please feel free to stop by or call at any time.

Connie Mitoraj (Connie 2) - Office Manager

270-422-4901 - raysford@bbtel.com

Hi, I'm Connie 2 and I started working here at Ray's in 1988. I have worked in the Parts Department, Service Department and for 9 years in the Accounting Department. And now my current position as Office Manager. My family moved to Meade County in 1977 and I graduated from Meade County High School in 1981. I enjoy helping people with their automotive needs and if I can ever be of assistance to you, please feel free to contact me at any time.

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